BNQA Criteria 1: Leadership

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BNQA Criteria 1: Leadership

Summited by: Bikram Prajapati, King’s college International American University

Subject: BUS 700 Capstone

Submitted to: Dr. Joe Siegmund and Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Date: November 18, 2014 Criteria 1: leadership

This section analyzes leadership style and its significance in the organization. The purpose of this section is to analyze the leadership style, traits and practice of leadership applied by the Mr. Rajiv Sharma in Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd. I will analyze where the leadership style support the organization strategy or not. Leadership style has great impact on organization environment.
Leadership profile

Mr. Rajiv Sharma and its team including the expert does annual analysis and market research
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It consist of leader, who influence and inspire the follower to achieve the goal. The leadership process are highly affect the organization environment and its structure. In the context of JD, the environment are more friendly and interactive, the trust and honesty to their work are high. The culture of organization is sharing. They can interact at any time during lunch time, break period. The employer and expert share new idea, experience with leader and leader appreciate those idea and give feedback. We can say that the organization environment is so much interactive. They consult before making any changes in the organization. The outcome of JD leadership is measure by the trust, learning culture and respect to one another. The way how workforce is manage is reflection of leadership…show more content…
• Be technically proficient: Mr. Rajiv Sharma pursued his higher education from USA. He is along with the team from the establishment of organization. And he knows his responsibility and role in the organization.
• Keep your workers informed: JD leader involve their employees in the strategy formulation to implementation process. It is done by stepwise. They believes in a participative approach to making strategic decisions, Mr. Rajiv says –“If, I make a strategy, I will be the only one to own it. Strategy has to be mutually owned and shared by all the team members”. All employers should be informed about what is going on the organization and what is needed to do to accomplished the goal
• Make sure that task are understood supervised, and accomplished: the role and responsibility of every one is clearly define and there is proper level of understanding and proper communication system.
• Train the team: JD leader not only influence and drive their employee, they also provide timely training and development program to motivate their employee. It provide the knowledge about latest technology and process of doing

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