BP Swot Analysis

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The woes of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill have been heavily associated to BP, and the known risks related with the oil industry was highlighted more prominently. Nonetheless, BP has been developing and shaping its global image with implementation of a series of corporate social efforts based on its core values and code of conducts throughout the years.
Environmental contributions
Over the years, BP has initiated several movements in improving resource sustainability and supporting communities with alternate energies. BP launched its Alternative Energy Business in 2005 with the emphasis that ‘going green’ is of increasing importance to its firm and industry, while aiming to expand it further when it becomes more profitable to do so. In addition, BP also made efforts to implement environmental awareness programs in its home country, Britain . These actions by BP exhibit its intention and concern to minimize adverse impact on environment while it exists in the operations of power generation. Moreover, the initiative to engage in the public on environmental
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Internally, BP has a structured code of conduct with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws that dictates its employees worldwide with guidelines on matters like facilitation payment and prevention of commercial bribery . Externally, BP also collaborates with its partners and governmental organisations worldwide in dealing with anti-corruption. For instance, BP was one of the founding members of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), alongside with other companies and governments worldwide, in countries such as Australia, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Iraq, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago to help implement their EITI commitments. Such an initiative has helped improve openness and accountable management of revenues from natural resources, a key step towards fighting corruption in the international oil
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