Ba Du Bop History

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MmmBop, ba duba bop, ba du bop. Oh yes, Hanson is very much alive these days. Sure, their super hit song may be decades old (it was released and permanently seared into our brains in 1997) but that has not stopped the trio from exploring their other passions. Nowadays, that means some citrusy craft beer. Mmmhops, with tagline From the Guys That Invented Mmmbop, is the latest venture of Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson. Why beer though? The Centre Daily report revealed, pleasantly enough, that the road of Hanson the band to Hanson the craft brewers is quite interesting. 18 years of tours exposed the brothers to a lot of beer. At 34, 32, and 30 years old, the Hanson brothers are seriously not children anymore. "We traveled the world as kids and we got turned on to great beer," said Isaac Hanson. "At some point you decide to take something you really like and turn it into a business you love."…show more content…
By the time their 2013 tour ended, they were serious about making a Hanson beer. They eventually formed a partnership with Mustang Brewing Company in Oklahoma City. Fans would be delighted to know that Mmmhops won a gold medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute last year. It is now available in 16 states, ABC 13 noted. Their success in making beer has apparently not interfered with their love of music. In fact, they can even joke around about it. Taylor Hanson exclaimed, "Hey! We won a gold medal for our beer before we won a Grammy. I 'll take that!" J.M. Hirsch, the AP food editor who conducted the interview, had this to say about Mmmhops, which is a pale ale, “It 's actually a pretty good beer: citrusy, clean tasting and totally drinkable.” And the brothers are not stopping there. They are planning on making a saison, an amber, and something a bit hoppier in the
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