Baalboa By Richard Rodriquez, And Mother Tongue: Book Analysis

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In collection 1 there are three important selections, we have read, those three selections are Balboa by Sabina Murray, Blaxicans by Richard Rodriquez, and Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, these stories are all different in many ways, they all have different points in life like going from good to bad, and disrespected to respect.
In the short story Balboa when Balboa left his homeland, he was close to nothing compared to other people, “Balboa the gambling pig farmer, who, in an effort to escape his debt, has found himself at the very edge of the world.” (Murray 78) This quote shows that when Balboa left his homeland all they saw him, as was a no good pig farmer who was in debt and was trying to escape.
They also saw him as a troublemaking peasant and that he has been just a keeper of pigs, so he didn’t have a very important role, then before the Indians met him they were very ruthless people. “The Indians massacre everyone. You are better off in a debtors’ prison.” (Murray 80) This quote shows that before the Indians and Balboa met that the Indians were ruthless people and they always wanted to fight with each other and everyone else.

Then when the Indians met Balboa they thought of him as one of the highest things in the world kind of like a god. “The Indians think of him as a god. They make no distinction between good and evil.” (Murray81) This shows that the Indians thought of him as a god when they first met him and that they couldn’t tell him apart from a god. I think that

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