Baba Human Rights Analysis

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A. Human rights issues relating to Baba. Indeed, the human rights issue to be considered in this character’s situation is that of remaining ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and in relation, imprisonment without fair Trial. The quotation which reads, “that night I dreamed of Baba floating on the sea. The water was unsettled, moving as it does in the deep, rising and falling in hills. He lay on his back. He looked like a small fishing boat trying to surrender to the sea”. This was a foreshadowing, signalling what was going to happen to Baba – his arrest, his being arrested and tortured. Baba was bound to suffer imprisonment without even the benefit of a fair trial. Moreover, Baba has the right to freedom of expression; the government should protect…show more content…
Another human right being addressed by the story is the one stated in Baba who was member of King Idirs’s government.” The government ‘s next move was to refuse my parents visa to leave the country,holding them hostage,as it were, until the evading stray dog returned”. His son is considered as stray dog. Who refuses to military serves at monthly? He is traitor as Baba. His position in united nation as Ambassador in where money and power are during his era. He witnesses between two rulers. Baba works in united nation delegate during King Idris who governs Libya 1951-1969.he is kidnapped in Egypt where board with Libya. Egypt fails to protect foreigner .He is dissatisfied with the behaviours of the Revolution officers’. [EXPLAIN WHY IT IS ARTICLE 14; DID BABA BECOME AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS?, AND WAS HE HURT OR SUBJECTED TO THREAT? SHOW THE…show more content…
Due to political torture he experienced, Baba had no easy and immediate decision; he just works as secret man to reduce punishment. He had become ”cooperative”; that is, he cooperates with the men who support the Revolution. This would be by giving out some names of those who worked with him and with Rashid. The Revolution officers are everywhere, Baba is done his secret pamphlet in the district’s street. He did not tell his son and his wife, if he tells the names, the names given out during a secret conversation will be uncovered and made clear to the government. “How’s Bu Suleiman? thankfully all of his wounds are on the surface Mama Sais ,They broken one rib”.Torture is a big word that consists in an extremely painful assault. Baba knows if he is arrested, he will experience more tortures. Thankfully God, he was released from prison with distorted body. Therefore, he has been cooperative with the secret

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