Baba's 'Amir In The Kite Runner'

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Baba a man of determined intelligence and a role model he demonstrates for his son ‘Amir’, Baba drives his son into having great value as a leader and to be courageous when it comes to standing up for himself. Baba comes across as being disappointed in his son “there is something missing in that boy” (pg.20) as he does not show the same interest and traits as himself. As he has journeyed throughout his life he has overcome many challenges and received and created great successes for himself and his deceased wife. As of the passing of his late wife, Baba is shown as a person who sees the world in black and white. As Amir describes Baba, he is proud, independent, determined, but sometimes emotionally distant and impatient. The connection Baba and Amir have is that they are very distanced from each other; physically Baba is there but has no emotional relationship. This is shown when Amir suggest that they get new servants, Baba is infuriated with his son as he doesn’t think of Ali and Hassan as his servants. As Baba is a man of dignity and believes you got to work hard to earn things in life he deems that theft is the biggest sin in life.…show more content…
101). The move to America was very difficult for Baba he had come from a place where he had power and wealthy downgrading to a low-paying job and living modestly. When Baba is diagnosed with terminal cancer he keeps it on the down low, this shows his strength he still takes within himself. Whilst his final years passed by and the life he lived in America, his relationship with Amir grew and became stronger, finally Baba leaving proud to call Amir his son and for him making his own

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