Babe Ruth: A True Hero

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It is not fair to make a hero out of a real person. Some people who are considered “heroes” are actually not very good people behind the scenes. A lot of the time, all we see is that “hero” in movies or on a field, and we never see them, or think about, what they may be doing while they’re not on a field or on camera. It’s not rare that you find a person that you’ve always looked up to, that has been putting on a mask of good character, just for the public. The very well-known, former baseball player, Babe Ruth, is a victim of this. On the field, Ruth was an amazing baseball player and many people considered him a hero for this. Little did they know that off the field, he was betting on his games. For this reason, Babe Ruth wasn’t someone to look up to. He only showed us the side of him that was a great baseball player and a nice person, but if if you look beyond that, you found someone who was…show more content…
Charles was a pastor at a church in Houston, TX and was found to be stealing money from the church to go on gambling trips with his wife in Louisiana. Over a three year period, the Gilfords had stolen over $400,000 in church funds. People of that church had always considered them very honest, genuine people, and they have said that it doesn’t seem like something they would do. I’m sure that Charles was a “hero” to a bunch of people, but it turns out they were being very untrustworthy.
I, personally, don’t understand why we make “heroes” out of people. They’re just like everyone else, but we make it seem like they did something so different and so much more unique than us, and we look up to them as a person. We think that everything they do is perfect, and that’s where we mess up. There are a ton of people who we consider “heroes” who have the same character whenever they’re not on camera, but then there are some who are a completely different person whenever they’re not being
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