Babe Ruth: Baseball In The 1920's

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The 1920’s through 1930’s were the golden age of baseball. Many teams started to rise to fame and many players began to become popular. This was after the Black Sox Scandal which caused baseball to head downhill and lose support from fans. Babe Ruth was one of the players who transformed baseball from just a sport into a national pastime. He rewrote the record books and became known to a popularity that no one has ever seen.
Babe Ruth didn’t have much of a childhood without baseball and was introduced to it at a very early age. George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895. He was born the family of George Sr. and Kate in Baltimore, Maryland. George was a child who had no rules set before him. His parents were very lenient and were
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When George was 18, the Brothers at St. Mary’s invited Jack Dunn from the Baltimore Ravens to come scout George. It wasn’t long after that George was signed to play in the minor leagues. For him to play, Jack Dunn had to become his legal guardian. Being the youngest player on the team, he stuck by Jack’s side most of the time which is where his nickname originated from. At the beginning of spring training one of the players said “Look at Dunnie and his new babe.” The name stuck with him and from that point forward he was called Babe instead of George (Ruth’s). While playing with the Ravens he performed very well leading to him being sold to the Major League team the Boston RedSoxs. Even though Babe is known for his hitting back in the Majors, he started out as a pitcher. Babe won his major league debut in July of 1914. The only issue was that the Red Sox’s roster was full, so Ruth was moved to their Minor league team the Providence Grays. Babe became a full player of the Sox’s in 1915. In 1918, he was put in the hitting lineup, after showing strong power. In 1919, he set the single season homerun record with 29. That same year he ended up being sold to the New York Yankees, which is the team that changed Ruth’s whole career. He became a full-time outfielder and started to dominate the game. In the last two seasons of his career he went and played for the Boston Braves (Biography).…show more content…
Babe Ruth was and is one of the most dominating players to ever step into a baseball stadium. At the end of his career he had a total of 56 major league records. The most amazing record out of the all is his 714 home runs. Before Ruth joined the Yankees, they had never won any titles. He left them with 7 pennants and 4 World Series to their name. In 1923, the Yankees built a new stadium which many called the stadium “The House that Ruth Built.” In 1936, the baseball Hall of Fame was created and inducted five members which included Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson. During 1946, Babe Ruth found out he had a tumor in his neck. After that happened, his health began to deteriorate and was laid to rest on August 16, 1948. Two months before he died, he visited the Yankee stadium for the last time where they retired his number three jersey
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