Babe Ruth: The Most Famous Baseball Player

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Ruth was not only the greatest player in the history of the game of baseball, but he was also a spirted, likeable, outsized character who arrived always at the right moment. Babe Ruth was destined for fame starting from his days as a young ball player, then next by getting attention as a result of his remarkable pitching, and finally by stunning fans as a home run hitter.
At age eight Ruth was sent to St. Mary’s, an industrial school for boys (Vecsey 56). There he was introduced to base-ball, a game he had excelled at by the time he was 15. He showed exceptional skill both as a strong hitter and pitcher, but it was his pitching that caught the attention of the owner to the Minor League Baltimore Orioles, Jack Dunn. The Orioles groomed players from the Red Sox and Dunn saw promise in Ruths athletic skill and performance wanting him on his team …show more content…

The Sox played him on the outfield and at first base, leading 11 homers and .300 batting average. In the 1918 World Series he won both his starts with 1.06 earned run average and In 1919 Babe Ruth only pitched 17 times in 130 games, hitting 29 home runs which broke the major league home run record. Hitting 54 homeruns and breaking his own record by hitting 59 in less than 10 seasons was when Ruth made his mark as baseballs “all-time home run leader”.
Ruth’s success on the field was matched by a lifestyle that catered perfectly to a fast lifestyle. On May 25, 1935 an overweight but greatly diminished babe Ruth reminded his fans for the last time, of his greatness in a single game.
The following week Ruth retired He was one of the first five players inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936. and by then it was clear: There had never been a player like Babe Ruth. Many children and teenagers see babe ruth as a great idol. As Babe Ruth says “Do not let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game” (Smithsonian

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