Babies Development

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Babies develop very quickly. They can suck and breast feed and also grasp hands. Babies that are neglected later find it harder to communicate with adults and other children.​ 1 year olds can normally crawl and roll over by themselves. They also attempt to speak but are often unclear. ​ 2 year olds will try to bring words together in short phrases. Their limbs grow quickly and so their center of gravity changes which helps them to start walking. Most children will start to walk in their second year. Their identity will begin to show around this age. For example food they like or dislike, games they like to play and certain toys and key people. They will also start to use phrases and pick up new words.​ 3 years old children can run jump…show more content…
Most children develop around the same age but some children can take longer. For example: physically some children can develop soon than others. All children will learn at different stages but generally they follow a sequence of development. ​ Sequence and rate of development needs to compensate all children which could be at different stages and levels of ability. ​ Question: Question 3 Answer: The development of young people and children can be boosted or restricted by the environment that they grow up in. ​ Good health is important for development in children. A child that spends time outside playing with a good healthy diet is more likely to develop a healthy immune system, this will increase energy levels throughout the day. Children with a poor diet are likely to suffer with illness and they will have poor energy levels. This make it difficult for their develop in school.​ This can lead to social and emotional challenges in older life for the child. Not all development problems are down to health. Children can suffer with physical disabilities like cerebral palsy where a child has difficulty controlling muscles. This will make a lot harder for them to socially interact in the playground, it will be important for the adult to encourage play and interaction for them.
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