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Babies Reflection

Babies Reflection Babies is an informative film by Thomas Balmés that focuses on the lives of four babies from families across the globe, and illustrates the considerable differences among how the infants are reared. The specific babies recorded were Ponijao, from a village in Namibia; Bayarjargal, from Mongolia; Mari, from Tokyo, Japan; and Hattie, from San Francisco, United States. This film not only serves to highlight the varying methods of how children are reared in different parts of the world, but it also gives insight into how diverse the lifestyles of human beings can be. This video made me seriously consider the differences among the process of reading a child in a different environment,
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Ronald Lally in his work The Science and Psychology of Infant-Toddler Care, Lally criticizes the current American system of teaching young children, calling it “watered-down babysitting,” and claiming that is approach “endorses a style of care that treats very young children as if they only need safe and healthy environments, in which bonding with special caregivers and attention to learning are unnecessary.” As shown by the video, the child from the United States was the most sheltered, and seemed to bond with her parents the least of the group. Lally argues “babies come into care with their own learning agenda— their own curriculum” (Lally 47). Watching the video and reading the article have changed my view on my assumptions of infant and toddler care, especially from a global perspective. I had always assumed that the American education curriculum for young children was a norm, and that it was one of the best ways for young ones to learn. I also thought that having a child in a safe, healthy, and clean environment was also a standard. I now understand that infant and child learning is different everywhere, and overall, the learning is most beneficial when it comes from the natural curiosity from the child then from the

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