The Importance Of Saving A Woman's Life

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Women have the moral right to choose what to do with their body. A woman should not be forced into motherhood because of an unwanted pregnancy. Denying a woman the right to choose to have an abortion will condemn her to be financially liable and take care of an unwanted child for 18 years. Many people who take the pro-life stance fail to acknowdledge the hardships and difficulties of motherhood. They argue that “babies should be saved” yet how they plan to save children from a rough and tumoltous life when 73% of women who have abortions do it because they are unable to afford and provide for a child and 48% would be single mothers; all factors that affect children’s development and progress in life (“U.S. Abortion Statistics” 3). Not to mention…show more content…
Abortions are usually performed during the first trimester of the pregnancy, not actually killing the fetus, but merely removing it from the woman’s uterus (“The Basics” 1). The fetus, who has been kept alive through the mothers body, is just being cut off of all resources and not in any way being “killed”. If a person is dying and you refuse to donate your kidney to save him or her that does not mean you are killing that person, it merely means you have made the best choice for your future (“The Basics” 1). The same rule applies to a woman’s uterus, she has not killed the fetus, she just refuses to donate her body and organs to an unwanted fetus that will essentially decide her future. A similar analogy has been revised by Philosopher Jane English to illustrate how aborting a fetus is not equivalent to murdering a person. Her argument goes as follows: Imagine that you go out one night knowing that you might be unconciously hooked to a violinist who depends on you for life support. According to English, even if you knew the consequences, you are still morally justified to unhook yourself for your own good. So by analogy, a pregnant woman is morally justified to “unhook” herself from the “fetus” (Hinman
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