Babies Sleep Cycle

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Sleep can be one of the top concerns for a new parent. Babies usually have completely different sleep cycles as adults do. During the daytime, babies get most of their sleep saving their more alert times for the night. A baby who is kicking or is hungry for example every hour at night demands an adults attention, which can cause exhaustion. This can become a challenging task for some adults because our bodies are not physiologically use to being up all night, which in turn makes it difficult working a night shift. Babies typically need 16 to 18 hours of sleep per day. It is ideal that parents try to conserve some energy or try to nap during their babies sleep. Throughout the day, babies go through 5 states of arousal which are important for their development. Like children and adults, newborns also alternate between REM and NREM sleep. REM makes up half of a babies sleep time,and the stimulation of it is important for…show more content…
Parents are alerted in this way when babies need stimulation, comfort, or when they are hungry.A babies cry may vary in intensity. Some babies cry a lot and parents do need to put in some effort to soothe them, and if parents are not successful at this they may become anxious and not feel too confident with the care of their infant.Young infants may cry because of physical needs like for example because they are hungry , or maybe because of a sudden noise or because another infant nearby is also crying. There are many ways to soothe a baby’s cry when feeding isn 't successful for example. One simple and very effective way to soothe a baby when crying, is the swaddling technique. The swaddling technique is basically when you wrap the baby in a blanket snuggly. Another successful way to relieve a babies cry is simply by lifting your baby against your chest while holding his / her head . Some parents believe that lifting the baby to your shoulder and rocking is also
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