Babmon's Paws Short Story

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One day Baboon tricked Tortoise when he invited him for a dinner on top of a tree. Baboon was laughing because Tortoise couldn’t climb the tree. So Tortoise decided to get back to Baboon inviting him for lunch. Tortoise lived in a patch full of burned earth, and when Baboon came his paws were all black. Tortoise send him to the river to wash his paws, but when he came back from the same path way, his paws were black again. Tortoise send him back to wash Baboon’s paws until he gave up and Tortoise enjoyed his lunch. Analysis: Theme (Big ideas or lessons): Don’t laugh at you friends weakness Audience: (Who would enjoy this story?) Children ages 6 and up Describe concepts, skills, and/or values that this story could help teach: This story will
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