Fernama Gandhi Babur: A Brief Biography

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Babur was born in the year 1483 at Faraghana. He ascended the throne at the age of 12 after the accidental death of his father. He was the descendant of the two great warriors Genghis khan and Timor Lung. He was the emperor and founder of the Mughal dynasty and was considered one of the greatest rulers in the Mughal history. He was considered to be admirable swordsmen, a strong fighter and a distinguishable soldier. Babur was considered to be a man of great aesthetic sense. This was proven in his Baburnama because of the minute details that he included about the flora and fauna during his time.. He was always willing to share hardships and problems with his close companions. He always took good care of the people in his army and would always forgive them for their mistakes as long as he was assured that they were not disloyal to him. According to Havel, “his engaging personality, artist temperament, and…show more content…
He was considered to be a man of strong will and determination and whatever he decided to do he used to make sure he completes it. He never loses hope even during his failures and sorrows and did not even become disappointed after losing Fergana. His empire extended from Badakshan to Bengal and he gradually extended his empire. His first invasion was in 1519 when he occupied the Fort of Bajour. His second invasion took place at the end of 1519 when he tried to effect fortification of Peshawar but could not complete it because of a disorder in Badakshan. His third invasion was started in 1520 and occupied Sialkot and Sayyadpur. During his fourth invasion, he was able to occupy Lahore, Deealpur and Jullundur. 1n 1526, he fought the first battle of Panipat against Ibrahim Lodi and defeated him. He also had to wage a war against Rana Sangha of Mewar and defeated him in 1527.in 1529, he defeated Nusrat Shah, the ruler of Bengal at Ghaghra. Thus, all these battles proved him to be a great
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