Baby Asha Letter Analysis

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melcoml turnball wants to send baby asha and her mother back to nauru whereas daniel andrews wrote a letter to mr turnball called " the hon of daniel andrews" adressing the issue. daneil andrews says "victiorians stands ready to assist and care for the children of nauru and their families who were brought to autralia from nauru. mr andrews wants to convice mr turnball that letting baby asha stay will not cause problems because the people are supporting the family. mr andrew write this letter with facts and logic to the autralian government and the people in australia supporting baby asha. in the newpaper sharon murdoch placed a picture of turnbull holding baby asha in his arms and singing a lullaby. in the letter mr andrews states " you have a clear obligation to support these children and their families, a political argument is of no use to them." daniel andrews tell turnball that he has…show more content…
the image complements the letter. daniel andrews letter being about saving the refugee and the image showing turnballs real intention towards baby asha. the only different is that daniel andrews letter is informing mr turnball of the issue and telling him he is not doing anything to help and that mr andrews is willing to voutch that the public will help out baby asha and other refugees. whereas the image is attacking mr turnball and showing his sinister intentions. with the red background, the lullaby and how they drew mr turnball to look like a witch. they both trigger the same emotions by the letter being informative, logical and calmly written and it states fact which will most likely get the audiance to see the logic in it all and the image is a direct attack to mr turnball saying we know what your doing and we want everyone else to understand and feel enraged at the fact mr turnball can do something so terrible to a child. both letter and image has adressed the issue and is finding a way to solve the
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