Baby Bear: A Short Story: Momma Bear

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Once upon a time, there was a bear named Baby Bear. Baby Bear was a sweet young bear who loved to spend time with his family. One sunny morning, while Baby Bear was lying in bed and reading his favorite book called "ABBA The Elephant", his mom called him down for breakfast. “Baby Bear, come down for breakfast!” called Momma Bear. Baby Bear came from his tiny bedroom. He ran down the stairs very hungry for his breakfast. “Mommy, are we having waffles again for breakfast?” asked Baby Bear. “No honey, we're having something special today!" exclaimed Momma Bear. When Baby Bear went downstairs, on the table he saw homemade porridge. Baby Bear had only had porridge once before. About one year ago, Baby Bear and his parents were having breakfast at a breakfast place and Baby Bear had…show more content…
Baby Bear was very excited to help Mamma Bear out with the cooking. When Baby Bear looked into the distance, he saw that his house door had been busted open. "Mommy! Daddy! Look, the door is open in our house," explained Baby Bear. "WHATTTT!" screamed Mamma Bear. Baby Bear knew that they had not locked the door but no animal had ever broken into their house before. All of the animals in the forest were afraid of the 3 bears. So, Baby Bear knew it was a human who had broken into the house. "I smell a human," growled Papa Bear. When Baby Bear came into the house, he noticed that the kitchen table was broken and that all the porridge was on the floor. "NOOOOO! MY PORRIDGE!" yelled Baby Bear. "The porridge doesn't matter. What matters is that the whole table is broken," cried Mamma Bear. Baby Bear and his parents also saw that all the couches were flipped over. Then, Baby Bear and his parents checked the fridge and noticed that the milk jug had disappeared. Baby Bear thought about the girl he had seen in the forest. She could have been the one to intrude into the
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