Essay On Baby Boomers

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Why was the amount of births increasing quickly after the war?
-About 9 months after World War 1, more children have been born due to the men coming home from the war
-Many couples postponed having children due to the great depression and World War 1, so they decided to wait until the war was over, these couples began having children the same time as other couples that were getting married at a young age (paraphrase)
-Couples were able to produce more children due to the fact that there was a good economy (paraphrase)
-This caused a large population change as there were 76.4 millions babies as of 1965 hence the name “Baby Boomer”. The babies alone made up 40% of the population.
-This happened during 1947 to 1965 specially in
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-Nowadays we are more focused on our jobs and living in this century prices are high, so we do not have enough money or time to produce as much children
What has changed after this significant event?
-The actual baby boomers produced less children
-These factors included divorces, more job opportunities for females and daycares prices increased

Why are we still mentioning this event to this day?
-We still mention this event because canada’s population is made of Baby Boomer generation, parents of Baby Boomers and Generation Y.
-Children of Baby boomers now have to worry about paying for their parents, using their savings on their parents care
-Knowing that baby boomers live longer, the amount of health issues that baby boomers deal with -This means that most of our taxes goes to these elders to pay for their health
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