Baby Boomer Generations In The 1960's

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When the Baby Boomers generation emerged, it was already “considered to be a very different generation than its previous ones” (Owram, 1997). The Baby Boomer Generation not only witnessed some of the greatest social changes in history during the 1960s and 1970s, but also participated in them, just like the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Women Right’s Movement, which created the expectation for this generation to give its next generation a better world than the one they found. However, the Baby Boomers created a societal trend towards a thinner body standards for females which caused the women’s image to decrease all the way until 1959, setting a limit during the 1960´s until now. During the 1950´s, Marilyn Monroe was not only considered "the standard of voluptuous beauty”, but also a sex symbol (Sheehan, 2004, p. 97) as by that time she was a major media icon and the sensation of the moment for being on the cover pages of magazines like Playboy, LIFE, and Vogue (n.d, 2006). However, when the 60’s began, the “British invasion” of America was not only causing changes in music, but also in fashion and with it a new role of how women were at that time. Models now were wearing miniskirts showing their slender hips as well as their slimmer legs, such as Warhol’s superstar Edie Sedgwick or the British model Twiggy. Apparently Lesley Lawson (Twiggy’s real name) was the main influence in changing "the standard of beauty" in America (Sheehan, 2004, p. 97) by setting a new
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