Baby Boomers Essay

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Demographic timmerman, britt, geof gross The baby boomers segment was born between the years of 1956 and 1964. Their age ranges from early 40’s to early 60’s. The older of this segment is just stepping into retirement. Behavioral Baby boomers are entering a time where their spending power is at an all-time high. According to Geof Gross (2016), this generation’s buying habits are changing as they evolve to match a post-career lifestyle. The good thing about baby boomers is they are extremely brand loyal, and it is unlikely for them to switch. The changing buying habits of boomers have helped a multitude of markets. These markets include travel, entertainment, automobile, and technology markets (Martin, 1996). The reason for spending on technology…show more content…
Offers that include words like group or club give off a sense of belonging which Baby Boomers seek out as they grow older. According to Karla Freeman (2013) appealing to joining a group of people who share similar interests will attract boomers and give them a reason to consider an offer. Boomers are seeking excitement and want to do more since they are close to or currently retired. Providing offers and ads that fit their needs of being active, involved, independent, and healthy will resonate well with this generation (Freeman, 2013). This generation wants to be able to trust a company when buying their product and building relationships when presenting offers is the most attractive and effective way to do this. Geof Gross (2016) recommends providing testimonials and utilizing editorial advertising when trying to reach Baby Boomers because these are both effective in creating a personal connection with Baby Boomers and the product. Lastly, for an offer to be effective with Baby Boomers, providing them with choices will make your offer go that much farther. According to Karla Freeman (2013), proving Baby Boomers with options lets them get creative, and they will easily become a loyal customer after just one
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