Baby Boomers Ruined America

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Baby boomers have ruined America and should take responsibility for the weakened state of millenials. Baby boomers grew up in an era of prosperity. They were raised by parents who survived poverty, war and showed a true sacrifice of a generation burdened with great moral struggles. Baby boomers received inexpensive and available education, preparing them for a thriving open job market. This led to Americans greatest invention, the middle class. But this great invention is being shook off like a bad case of fleas due a new generation called the millenials. Many millenials are being left in what they call a quarter life crisis, a period in which someone in their early twenties feels doubtful about their own lives, brought out by stress of becoming…show more content…
More babies were born than ever before in 1946, that being 3.4 million, that 's a whopping twenty percent higher than its previous year. It went on to another 3.8 million babies born in 1947, another 3.9 million in 1952 and four million more every year until it finally began to taper off in 1962. That is enough friction to melt the sun if you will, so many as 76.4 million babies were born from 1946-1964 that they made up forty percent of the nations population and now were known as the baby boomers. There numerous theories to as why this great baby boom occurred, some say it was a deep desire for normality after sixteen years of depression and war. Others claim it was a plea to fight the scare of communism and to take over by shear numbers. But maybe it was just old fashioned love and desire for family. Whatever reason you like best it 's safe to argue that the American people were eager to start families after the Second World War. The average woman in this country got married when she was just twenty years of age in 1956 and just eight percent of married decided not to have children in the 1940s, compared to fifteen percent in the depressing 1930s. Folks having families in this generation we 're thrilled to start families because they knew it couldn 't get much worse than what they were exposed to as children and young adults. They truly saw a light…show more content…
Millennials are a generation of people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. Specifically 1982-2000, and if you think baby boomer’s parents procreated at a high rate well they taught their offspring to do much of the same. Millennials are now 18-36 years of age and comprise of twenty-four percent of the US population, but that 's about the only similarity between the baby boomers and the millennials. Other than the sheer size of the two groups millennials are becoming a generation that the United States couldn 't make up if they tried. Only twenty-one percent of millennials are married while forty-two percent of baby boomers were married at the same age, almost one out of every four millennials have a bachelor degree or higher making them the most educated generation ever seen. Millennials also take the cake in the most racially diverse generation ever seen as well, with nineteen percent of them being Hispanic heritage, fifteen percent being African American and four percent being Asian. It 's gets even more diverse for this new generation, majority of millennials are sick of their baby boomer parents style of suburbia living and are attracted to cities that can fit their quick attention spans. This is a generation that is growing at an alarming rate as well, and to think all this procreation occurred after no wars or depressions. The population is projected to peak in 2036 for this diverse millennial generation, with 81.1 million. The oldest
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