Baby Boy Observation Paper

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Caesarean Section Observation

On September 20th, I observed a caesarean delivery of a baby boy. The procedure was scheduled to begin at 1700. The mother arrived at 1500 accompanied by her husband. She settled in the room that she would remain after the procedure. The mother was G2P1 and have had a previous caesarean to deliver her first child. The mother’s BMI was slightly high and she had gestational diabetes. Although, she had problems that could lead to a high-risk delivery, her labor was successful. Marissa and I arrived at the operation room one hour prior the surgery to observe the LPN and her trainee setting up the sterile instruments that were going to be used during the procedure. As the mother arrived in the OR, she was guided to the operation table and the anesthesiologist did a spinal tap anesthesia on her. During this initial procedure, she remained very calm and cooperative. Her husband was not present at this time. Subsequently this
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The health care team provided warm blanket for the mother and dimmed the lights so she could rest while they closely assessed her. Marrisa and I left right after the providers made the mother comfortable due to the time restrains, because it was the end of our clinical rotation for the day. One of my many views regarding this procedure is that safety is always first. The health care team made sure that the patient was safe during the whole procedure. In addition, the maintenance of the patient’s body integrity and privacy were provided by only exposing the body part that was being operated on. Moreover, all of the providers worked as a team and in synchrony with one another, which promoted a successful outcome of the birth of a healthy baby

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