Baby Brianna Persuasive Speech

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On July 19th 2002, a 6 month old infant took her last breaths. Her life cut short by those who should have been her protectors. This tragic and disturbing story would live in infamy and would forever change the way these types of cases would be tried. A little more than a decade has passed and people are now once again infuriated finding out that one of baby Brianna’s abusers has been set free. Was justice truly given for this crime or has the justice system failed baby Brianna? “I’ve get a lot of work to do”, were the first words of Detective Lindell Wright the first officer to see baby Brianna in the hospital. “I cried my eyes out. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. It tests you to the point you’re not sure you can speak, you’re…show more content…
Stephanie Lopez, her mother received a very short sentence of 27 years in prison for child abuse and neglect resulting in death. The Jury decided that she was not guilty of intentional abuse since she did not inflict the abuse but had allowed it to take place. Briana 's Grandmother, Patricia Walters and her Uncle, Robert Walters Jr each got only 60 days in jail for failing to report the abuse. (davedavedude, The murder of baby Briana, 2008, Since then bill 166 also known as Baby Brianna Bill passed and made it a mandatory 30 years rather than 18 for abuse resulting in the death of a child in New Mexico. Many were still disappointed in the outcome of this tragedy. Even more so when news broke early this month that mother Stephanie Lopez would be released after only serving 15 years, 12 years shy of the sentence she received for her daughters torture and murder. Many already enraged at the thought, listened to a report from a cell mate of Stephanie’s say that she was asking for prayers for the court, her family, and herself and never once mentioning a prayer for Brianna. Stephanie has been released and has gone to live in a west Texas town. She will be on probation for two years where she cannot associate with other felons, consume drugs or
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