Baby Development Cycle

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First years of your baby are full of excitement with magical moments, every parent desires to relish, including their first words to first teeth & first little steps. Babies require just 12 months in transforming their body from being a new born to an active toddler.
With the growth and change that a baby shows in this course of time is just incredible. Many developmental milestones are achieved by the little ones in this phase and keeping a track of all those exciting developments is important. However, it is important to remember that every baby develop at its own pace, you can’t compare your baby's growth to the one in your neighbourhood. Some babies may speak their first word at eight months, while other don't say until their one year
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Recognition power develops, they'll identify familiar things like objects he generally plays with or family members who are around him.

By the end of third month, he'll be more communicative and expressive, starts giving signs for hunger, wet, lonely or in any sort of pain. With time you would understand these signs & symptoms and act accordingly for the same.
Baby Development Stages: Four to Seven Months
Learning about the changes that your baby undergoes in first three months of developmental cycle, time to learn more, what your baby will probably be doing in coming months. Next follows the developmental changes in baby’s life in the months from four to seven.
Baby begins rolling side to side, whether lying on back or on stomach. Safety measures need to be taken when this milestone is achieved as he now moves around. Take care that you don't leave him on a high surface like changing table or bed.
Starts recognizing his own name, call him with his name and he turns around to you with a smile on his face.

Play time!
He'll love playing and exploring new things and objects around him. Expose him to people whom you trust and let them have a fun time together, surely he would
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Starts responding upon actions. Make funny face or noises and figure out his emotions towards it, make him laugh.
Transfers objects from hand to hand. Play a little passing game with him, he'll start transferring the objects from his hands to yours.

Baby Development Stages: Eight to Twelve Months
With the accomplishment of various number of milestones, your baby is set to another level when he reaches eight months mark. Approaching his first birthday account to more substantial growth in the development of your child like he might be sitting on his own, attempts crawling, standing without any assistance etc. Following are the few more developmental milestones that your child will be making the grade, have a look :
Sits without assistance. Manages himself to sit without any support around, somewhat strengthen his muscles and balance.
Uses Pincer Grasp, starts picking up things or tiny objects with his index finger and thumb.
Listens with more attention, tell him stories with more animated speech and let him watch your facial and mouth expressions as you talk.
Handles objects in different ways that is shaking them, dropping intentionally from a high chair, throwing to a distance
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