Baby Dogs Research Paper

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Baby Dogs – When we first got our female czechoslovakian shepherd she was only about 6 months old. She was always out of one thing and into another. Not even considering how she loved to chew on things I left my shoes in the living room while I went to walmart one night. When I returned, she had one shoe torn to sherds and the other was missing.

Cheerleading – This helped me over come my fear of being infront of a crowd. Becoming a captain also helped me gain leadership skills that I would need threw out my life.

Dance – I learned that a team is like a family, we all grew close and helped eachother whenever we would need to. At dinner we would all sit at a table before a game and eat and share funny stories and discuss our days.

Fireworks – When I was younger I always wanted to to set off a firework on my own. One fourth of July my mom finally let me and man was it a mistake. I went to light a smoke bomb but I didnt understand to throw it after I had lit it. The sparks began and hit my finger making me release the firework.
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When I was around 6 I was riding a huge hill in my back yard and didnt see a big rock on my path until it was to late. I flew over the handle bars and landed on my butt. As the years progress, with glasses my vision seems to become better but I still require glasses every so often.

High School – Going threw this place is hard alone. Once you hit freshmen year you just want to fit in somewhere. As rumors and lies began I learned who all my true friends were and they were the ones to be by my side when I needed them most.

Ignoring the Doctor – After I tore a tenden in my ankle in a soccer accident, I was told to stay off of it and give it rest and then do rehab for it. I didn’t listen fully and now I still have issues with my ankle sometimes and its never completely healed
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