Baby Doll Cadillac Analysis

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William Eggleston’s, “Baby Doll Cadillac”, is a photograph from the Los Alamos Portfolio (1965-74) that was taken in 1973. In this photograph, you can see a summer blue sky and a few number of dolls that are visible in the photo, laying on top of the hood of a car. Eggleston’s photo is a close-up of the Cadillac’s front side that has an oceanic turquoise color, including the logo emblem of the Cadillac on the front side of the car and the top part of the hood. On top of the hood, lays about 12 dolls that are from either the 1960s or 70s sitting or lying almost in a V-shape. The V-shape arrangement of the dolls give a triangular composition of the blue sky, as well as how the doll is facing also raising either the left or right arm. Each doll is wearing a dress that consists the colors of pink, white, blue, and red. The dolls skin tones are pale white with rosy cheeks and their hair colors being either brown, blonde, red, or black. Eggleston’s photograph makes me feel nostalgic in way because of the age of dolls, the car, and the lighting of the image. Eggleston titled this photo “Baby Doll Cadillac”, basically giving information about what is in the photograph. William Eggleston is an American photographer known as a pioneer of color photography,…show more content…
Most photographers are known to take pictures of moments or events to remember, beautiful landscapes, and what is uncommon and alluring. Eggleston, however, makes his art about ordinary things and the magnificence. “The beauty of Eggleston’s approach is the fact that he photographs “democratically” and treats all objects as equal. He won’t look at a sunset and think it is any more special than a hairdryer” (Eggleston). His examples of aesthetics and beauty of art has been influenced to many photographers that many can lead and relate to his
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