Baby Gate Research Paper

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This is one of the most reliable baby gates for top stairs. The hardware installed in this baby gate is especially made to fit large spaces and openings. This device can open up to 56 inches wide and additionally it has a quick release feature that allows you to access its inside quickly if need be. The door for this baby gate for stairs is fully capable of swinging in both directions when properly mounted in a doorway. This baby gate for staircase is, therefore, ideal for babies and toddlers between the ages of 6 to 24 months. The baby gate for staircases is taller and wider than most baby gates. This feature makes it to easily fit anywhere in the house. The wall-mounted gate features an impressive tilt mechanism that strongly holds the gate while reducing greatly the risk of damaging your walls. This Munchkin Extending XL Safety Gate has a childproof handle that is easy for adults to use. The extra-wide gate can be set to swing open in one direction, or both, depending on the occasion. Allowing the door to open in one direction ensures extra security at the top of the stairs. This is quite convenient, especially when one is entertaining since the gate is easily removable. This baby gate for top stairs is made of superior quality steel metal; the gate provides an ultimate longevity and strength. Its white appearance is…show more content…
It contains an automatic locking mechanism that closes and locks the door effortlessly after walking through. It also includes a door stop that stops the door from opening in the direction out over the staircase. The lock is a latch system that has received tremendous positive feedback from those who have used it. It is easily opened with one hand when you get to understand it, yet it can also confuse kids and even adults coming across it for the first time. The dual locking mechanism provides the parent a piece of mind since you are assured that the gate is secured at all

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