The Palm Sunday Massacre

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8 Baby Girl is Lone Survivor in Mass Shooting On the 15th April 1984 a man named Christopher Thomas went on a jealous rampage and murdered ten people in Brooklyn, New York. Seven of his victims were children. This mass murder became known as The Palm Sunday Massacre. He shot all the victims at close range with one of the two handguns he carried with him. The jury found him guilty on ten counts of manslaughter and agreed that he acted under extreme emotional disturbance. He received a sentence of 83 to 250 years in prison. There was one sole survivor of this mass shooting; a 13 month old baby girl called Christina Rivera. The policewomen, Joanna Jaffe, who found her kept in contact with Christina. When Christina’s grandmother died…show more content…
The survivor was Juliane Koepcke who had been travelling with her mother. In her autobiography, “When I Fell From The Sky”, she credits her survival on her father who taught her basic survival skills from a young age. 2 Surviving a Plane Crash Into the Ocean On the 30th of June 2009, Yemenia Airlines Flight 626 crashed into the ocean on approach to Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport. The plane completely disintegrated on impact, spreading the debris over a large area. The search and rescue mission was initially hampered because the Comoros nation has no search and rescue capabilities. Two French aircraft and a boat were sent to hunt through the wreakage and local fishermen joined in the search. Thirteen hours after the crash these local fisherman made an incredible discovery. All 153 passengers were initially believed to be dead but they found the sole survivor, 14 year old Bahia Bakari, who had been travelling with her mother. She had been able to cling to the wreckage and after spending three weeks in hospital she made a full recovery from her terrifying ordeal. 1 Meeting The Happy Face…show more content…
They began chatting and he seemed so friendly and non-threatning that even though she had her baby with her she agreed to go on a short drive with him to a nearby park. Once there a nightmare ensued. The man tried to sexually assault and strangle her but she fought back and begged for her life while her baby screamed relentlessly. Duan was stunned when, after hours of struggling, he agreed to let her go on the condition that she not report the incident. The man Daun had encountered was none other than Keith Hunter Jesperson AKA The Happy Face Killer. He went on to kill at least another seven women after this attack although after his capture he claimed to have had more than 150

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