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1. Seasons for whales can be broken down into two primary seasons: mating season and feeding season.
2. Every year various species of whale travel several thousand miles to mate and reproduce offspring.
3. During mating season these whales will travel towards the equator to take advantage of the warmer climates.
4. Depending on the species of whale mating season can vary, but it typically occurs during the colder fall and winter months where whales can take advantage of the warmer tropical climates, and because food in some locations can become scarce during the winter.
5. During these long voyages some whales will even forgo eating and will live off of energy stored in their blubber that they gained during their feeding period.
6. Blue whales for example will travel
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The gray whale makes up one of around 80 known species of cetacea in existence today.
40. Because the gray whale is a marine mammal they are warm-blooded, breathe air, give birth and produce milk to feed their young.
41. The scientific name for the gray whale is, “Eschrichtius robustus”.
42. Due to their aggressive fighting behaviors when whalers would try to capture these marine mammals whalers would refer to gray whales as, “devil-fish”.
43. Baby gray whales can consume as much as 300 gallons of milk per day during their first year of birth.
44. Once a hunted and endangered species the gray whale is now considered one of the most popular marine mammals to those who participating in the whale watching industry.
45. A fully grown gray whale can weigh just as much or more than 5 adult elephants.
46. Unlike toothed whales that are born with a single blowhole the gray whale possess two blowholes.
47. The earliest ancestors of the gray whale existed over 30 million years ago.
48. The only known natural predators to the gray whale is a pod of killer whales. In terms of other predators gray whales may also face occasional attacks by whale poachers and hunters.
49. Feeding is 7

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