Baby Rochamma In Velutha's The God Of Small Things

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Velutha dared not to sweep off his footprints as hisforefathers used to act when the caste system was noticed. But in this independent democratic India, his footprints are deleted by the authority, especially the police and the political party, for his venture to create affection towards a touchable female. Baby Kochamma lured Estha and Rahelwith false convictions that were accountable for the demise of Sophie Mol. It is a horrible thing to take person 's life. It 's a bad thing that anyone can ever perform. Even Almighty do not forgive that baby Kochamma threatened the kids to protest Velutha for the demise of Sophie Mol, in order to protect their lives and that of Ammuthe kids consented the proposal of Baby Kochamma to rescue Ammu and thereby maintain the respect of the family. It was Baby Kochamma who chose Estha, recognizing him to be the more practical and accountable of the two. Velutha in the novel The God of Small Things, ceased in the police custody at the Kottayam Police Station. The police did not pay heed to his condition as he was a Dalit and not help by anyone. Velutha was dumped in the pauper 's pit even though he was a Christian. An innocent carpenter who had the present of an engineer, had to happen the scapegoat for the honour of Ayemenem family. Baby Kochamma and Comrade Pillai were accountable for the inhuman demise of Velutha. The ceasing minutes of Velutha in the police station had been presented by Roy in the novel as: Boot on bone. On teeth, the

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