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10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for To-Be Moms
Baby shower comes with a whole lot of excitement, anxiety and anticipation. The joy of bringing home a new life is often topped with the responsibility of being a good caretaker. At such a time, baby shower gifts come in handy. The perfect way to ensure that your baby shower gift stands out from the crowd is to pick something thoughtful and useful. Be the star guest of the baby shower by selecting from our hand-picked list, curated especially for you. Check it out!
1. Baby Blanket Rug

Babies are super cuddly and love fiddling around. You can rarely spot a baby lying down silently, unless of course he’s fast asleep. So, this soft and cosy baby blanket rug would be the perfect baby shower gift for
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Diapering Accessories
Another brainy baby shower gift, diapering accessories are required right from the time of birth of the baby. Gifting this on the baby shower will save an expecting mommy’s time and efforts in making last minute arrangements. What’s more, it can transform from a handy pouch to a diaper changing station in no time! https://www.babydestination.com/jungle-jive-diaper-clutch-by-little-west-street.html 6. Swaddle Bag
If you’ve never known about the concept of swaddling, it’s about time you must. This is a long-standing technique wherein a little baby is cosily wrapped up in a tight bag or blanket to help him sleep better, without being disturbed from his own reflexes. It is proven make the baby cry less and feel more secure. Trust us; babies look super cuddlesome in a swaddle bag. So what are you waiting for? Gift a to-be baby the boon of a sweet slumber! http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00TYK25FU?psc=1%202.%20BabyBj%C3%B6rn%20Travel%20Cot%20Light,%20Mesh%20(Silver)%20-%20http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00I43Y9UC?psc=1 7. Travel Cot Taking care of baby’s well-being isn’t a cakewalk, especially when you’re on a trip. Gifting this super cute and portable travel cot will help to-be mommies ensure a proper sleep for their new-born in future. The soft and silky mattress inside the travel cot will help the child feel at home, away from
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Gift these three-in-one present on a baby shower to help to-be mommies capture their babies’ huge accomplishments, right from their first day in the world to their first birthday. This super-thoughtful gift set also serves as an album to store all the memories and reminiscence down the nostalgia lane years after the childbirth. The infographic can be used to mark baby’s first steps, likes, dislikes, etc. http://www.amazon.in/Milestone-Charming-Complete-Keepsake-infographic/dp/B019A0YFOW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487324404&sr=8-1&keywords=3.%09Milestone+Baby+Cards 9. First Year Photo Frame

First year of every new-born is earmarked with some joyful and exciting memories. Every month the baby grows a little and gradually starts crawling. These special memories deserve a super-special place to store and lock them forever. So, this baby shower, gift a super adorable first year photo frame and leave a to-be mommy impressed! http://www.amazon.in/Babies-Bloom-Joyful-First-Photo/dp/B01I13V6BO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487324575&sr=8-1&keywords=Baby%E2%80%99s+First+Year+Photo+Frame

10. Moby floating bath

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