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The pleasure of having a baby can be altered quite fast if we find ourselves in the situation of having a baby with sleep difficulties. The fact that babies can 't talk make all this problem become harder to handle, because we don 't know what can cause a bad sleep. There are all sorts of reasons why a baby has trouble sleeping, such as the need to be fed, teething, colic and so forth. Besides the fact that an interrupted sleep affects the baby, it can also affect you, so you may become depressive or exhausted. So what can you do in order to help your baby sleep through the night? Bedtime routine According to certain studies, babies who follow a bedtime routine have a better sleep during the night. Start a schedule after several weeks…show more content…
To make them distinguish night from day, you have to act differently during those intervals, so they may better understand how things work. During the day keep the room bright and light and don 't minimize regular noises like talking to each other or speaking on the phone, listening to music, or running the dishwasher. Also, play with them and let them be more active. At night, keep the lights low and reduce as much as you can the noise level. Don 't play with the baby and talk only if necessary. Soon enough they will improve their sleep during the night. Sound machine The noises that surround the baby can be very distracting and annoying. In order to eliminate these bothering noises you can add into the room a sound machine. It will help the baby fall asleep more easy and for a longer period of time. Also, the sound machine can reduce the stress when the baby is overtired and nervous. These machines have various sound options, such as the ocean, rain, lullaby, animals or other relaxing sounds. Does your baby have trouble sleeping through the night? Most of them do, so here is what you can do to help them. A good night sleep makes a baby more healthy, calm and happy. Read the information and make some changes in your baby 's

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