Baby Suggs Possession In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Possession takes place everywhere because it is such a broad outlet of a person. Possession is when a living being is in control of a material object or another living being. In Toni Morrison’s book Beloved possession is a key theme integrated into the storyline and characters. Baby Suggs is the grandmother of Denver and the mother-in-law of Sethe and was the heart of the community before her death. In Toni Morrison’s book Beloved, Baby Suggs’ possession over 124 and its inhabitants influenced the more positive responses her family received and the community as a whole. Baby Suggs’ claim over Denver influenced the positive response Denver got after she left 124 for help. Seeking help Denver leaves 124, after being quarantined inside the yard and the house, in the direction of Lady Jones’…show more content…
Baby Suggs sermon that day made the people feel free from their oppressors and free to live as themselves. “When warm weather came, Baby Suggs, holy, followed by every man, woman, and child who could make it through, took her great heart to the Clearing…” (102). Baby Suggs was followed by everyone in her community and revered by everyone in her community and she left a lasting fingerprint on their lives. “I never went to those woodland services she had, but she was alway nice to me. Always. Never be another like her” (299). Even those who had not gone to her services still knew about the services and still considered them something to talk about years later. Baby Suggs’ services were how she was identified in many aspects of life and those services were still talked about years after they happened. Baby Suggs left a lasting imprint on all those she met and she was nice to. Baby Suggs was the center of the community for so many years and she possessed those who came to her for help and

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