Baby Weight And Pregnancy Research Paper

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how baby weight is calculated at pregnancy Calculate the weight of your baby during pregnancy How you know the weight of your baby inside the uterus or if its development is normal. It 's easy with ultrasound. As measured?. The weight of your baby during development in the womb is one of the many doubts and concerns that assail you in pregnancy. And today, our gynecologist, Francisco Zorrilla of, brings us the answers. It is very difficult for a baby to lack food. The placenta is designed for efficient operation. It does not work to the maximum, but its margin is very broad to be adapting progressively to the growing needs of the fetus throughout the nine months. Usually the placenta has a large operating margin.…show more content…
The ultrasound measurements of the fetus in the first half of gestation are normal, even in cases of moderate to severe maternal pathology. If you have a pathology as a mother, growth retardation (CIR) will become evident in 25-30 weeks. There is no fixed time, I speak of weeks to approach. You may wonder, what maternal diseases are most common in cases of fetal growth retardation ?: The most frequent and known is hypertension. But maternal malnutrition, infections (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, listeria), changes in blood clotting, etc. can influence. The list of diseases or pathologies in the mother, which can influence the development of the baby, is very extensive. In this sense, my advice is that, if it is your case, make a preconceptional visit and consult your gynecologist. 3. Placental factors in your baby 's weight: The placenta has filter functions between you and your child. It is easy to understand that changes in the placenta affect the feeding of the baby inside the uterus. It does the functions of lung, kidney, liver, hormones, etc. Of the fetus during the 9 months of gestation. When the placenta is unable to feed the baby we speak of placental…show more content…
This process ends at 16 weeks of gestation. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, immune diseases, infections, or isoimmunization due to incompatibility of the Rh group, etc. Are some of the placental problems that can affect you. How do we control your baby 's weight during gestation? This is the main part of today 's topic. It is easy to keep track of baby 's weight within the uterus by means of ultrasound measurements. Routinely, the ultrasound we perform at 32 weeks is the most important for assessing fetal growth. During gestation, in low risk women, we do three basic ultrasounds: - The ultrasound of the 12 weeks, - Ultrasound of the 20 weeks, to rule out malformations. - Finally, the ultrasound of the 32 weeks or control of
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