Babylon Revisited Character Analysis

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In the short stories “Paul’s Case” and “Babylon Revisited,” the main characters encounter many obstacles while on their journey to achieve what they desire. In the short story “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, Paul is a shy young man who avoids the social norm and does what he wants. Paul struggles a lot in school especially with his teachers because he always talks back and rarely does his schoolwork. After being suspended for a week, Paul tells the school he wants to come back even though he is lying. While being accused of many things and getting yelled at by his teachers Paul just stands there smiling. Paul is deathly afraid of his father and is constantly dreading going home and getting yelled at. Paul seeks many things but it is always stopped from achieving his goals by his attitude and his father. One day, Paul wakes up and hops on a train to get away from his normal life. Paul does this so he can finally be free and seek other opportunities.…show more content…
Paul for the first time in his life is happy and he doesn't have to worry about anyone or anything. No normal high school kid would have traveled to a new place, steal money from work and not tell anyone. Paul is a unique kid and would rather do anything than go to college and get a job behind a front desk for the rest of his life. Paul had the time of his life until he was all over the newspapers and about to be caught by his father. Paul went to the train tracks and saw a train coming, once it got close he jumped. Paul did this because he would rather end his life in happiness than going back to his old boring normal life like everyone else. Throughout his life, Paul lived in constant fear of his father until he finally decided to follow his own life and find what he had desired which was happiness. In the short story “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a man by the name of Charlie Wales is an ex alcoholic who is constantly trying to persuade his in-laws
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