Elementary Memory Narrative Essay

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Elementary Memory: Babysitter 's Worst Nightmare Before I leave to go babysit with Noelle and Nealie, I kiss my mom and dad goodbye and tell them I love them. I grab my coat and begin to head out the door. Before I could close the door I pop my head back in, “Mom can I use your phone tonight, just in case...please?” I ask. She hands it to me with a questioned look that I ignore and walk out the door. As I walk to the car I keep checking to make sure the phone is charged because my nerves were racing, then again we were pretty young to be babysitting five month old twins. With my Aunt Missie already waiting, we all race to the car, “I call shotgun, I’m the oldest,” nealie yells. Noelle and I hop in back and off we go to babysit. As we arrive at the house, Kelly, as usual, is waiting to give us the long list of numbers she always has just in case something goes wrong. Kelly and Rocky give the boys hugs and kisses before they head out. Just as we thought they had left, Rocky peaks his head back in, “Don’t be afraid to call…show more content…
I pick them both up and taken them into the living room. I lay them on the floor and grab a phone and start calling every number, but no one is picking up. As I sit there staring at the phone trembling with tears running down my face, I hear my moms phone ring from across the living room. I sprint over and answer it, “Dad, Dad someone just came into..” I couldn’t even finish and broke down bawling my dad told me he will be there in a minute and hangs up. I hear the garage door open and my heart sinks… no no no, I think. I try running to the door to lock it, just as it swings open. I see Rocky walk in with Kelly behind him, following the grandparents and both uncles. My first instinct was to go and hug Rocky. They had all known something bad had happened, considering all the missed phone calls. Uncle kev and Uncle Justin picked up the twins and Rocky just hugged me, trying to calm me

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