Babysitting Persuasive Speech

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Do you like to be in charge? If so then babysitting is right for you. When you are babysitting you feel like you are in charge of everything because most of the time the parents are out of the house and it is just you and the kids.
I think two of the most challenging things to do while you are babysitting is one telling the kids no that they can’t have something or that they can’t do something that they want. The other thing that is challenging thing is telling whether they are allergic to something and having they say that they don’t know they are or not. When you babysit you feel like you are a grown up because you are in charge and you get to decide what the final result is. Also when you are babysitting you have a lot of responsibility when you are babysitting. You
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Hold up we still need to get tickets unless you guys expect the people to just let you on. We are just going to get 20 tickets. Also we are just going to go in an orderly fashion. We will start with Kohen and then we will ride your rides.” So of course Kohen decided that he was going to ride the car ride and so we waited and waited in line for the ride to get over (I swear that ride is like 1 hour!) So once he got off we went on Aidyns ride which was the pirate ship, and Kohen went with her. Once they got off of that ride we had 10 tickets left. Now if you know Aidyn you know that her favorite ride is the sizzler so we went on that which I had to go on because you had to have someone as big as the line and neither of them were big enough so I had to go. When we got off of that thing I swear it was like I was dead because I was dizzy and I got squished to death. So we only had 5 tickets left and so I told them that they both had to agree on a ride and they picked the dragons. If you don’t know what the dragon ride is, it is where you get in a little dragon cart and it spins around for like 3
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