Baca And Cook Analysis

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The Overcoming of Baca & Cook
Everyone in this world have different ways of knowing how to read. All readers all somehow start off by knowing nothing, and experiencing many different ways in learning to read. Jimmy Santiago Baca didn’t know how to read, but still managed to become a famous American poet in Apache and Chicano background and was incarcerated for drug possession. Gareth Cook also became a famous even though he struggled with dyslexia he still managed to become a writer for The New Yorker. Many people will not learn how to read if they struggle with disabilities but because Cook was always embarrassed of how he read when picked in class by his teachers. Since Cook didn’t know what he will always stutter while reading, until college
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He explains how he overcame his way of keeping his secret of how he was dyslexic, which he didn’t found out till college about after a friend was explains his situation, “ A friend of mine had just been diagnosed with dyslexia and was describing…. the problem I was having.” (Cook 159) Cook exclaims many reasons and information about dyslexia in his essay which he stating, “Dyslexics learn to read, but they are never fully fluent.” (Cook 159) Which I agree I’ve known many people that have struggled with dyslexia. And keeping it a secret must have been the best idea for him so no one will know since he was embarrassed with his condition. Cook already to learn how to read and write but with his dyslexia, it made it harder and harder for him to do his work. What Gareth had trouble with the most was when Cook exclaims, “If I try to write notes by hand write notes by hand while someone is talking…confused feelings” (Cook 159), he explain how when writing notes its harder for when someone is talking because of how fast the person is talking which can confuse a dyslexic person the most. These things that Gareth Cook has accomplished proves that others can do the same even without having dyslexia. As Cook states, “It’s never going to be easy, but put your heart into it and you will blow them away.(Cook
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