Bacchus Greek God

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The God of Wine and Ecstasy Bacchus is not only worshipped, but he is also present in all of his followers. During those times, “a man would possess supernatural powers and was able for things he would not be able to do otherwise.” (Dionysus). Although some do not think Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, is a very important god, Greeks thought he is very important. Bacchus is one of the most important Greek god for a few main reasons, first he is associated with a major key concept, rebirth. He is also part of the twelve Olympians in some lists, and lastly, he has a major festival held for him every year. Dionysus considered to be part of the twelve Olympians on some lists. He is the Greek god of wine and fertility. The god created wine and…show more content…
The wine god 's main symbols include grapevines, grapes, and wine. Ariadne helped Theseus beat the Minotaur, but Theseus later abandoned her on an island. Bacchus visited the island, because it was liked by him, and he saw Ariadne. The god later married Ariadne; they ended up with several children. Some of which, like their father, are associated with grapes and winemaking. Dionysus is associated with one major key concept, rebirth. Bacchus had an interesting birth, he is the son of the almighty Zeus and the mortal, Semele. Hera, Zeus’s wife, became extremely jealous of Semele and convinced her to ask Zeus to appear in his divine form. “When Zeus revealed himself, Semele was burned to death after looking upon his glory” (The Festival of Dionysus). Directly after Semele 's death, Zeus was able to rescue the unborn child by stitching him onto his own thigh. Since Zeus carried Bacchus on his thigh until birth, he became immortal. Hera was still extremely jealous, and made another attempt at getting Bacchus killed. She had some Titans rip his body into many pieces. Lucky Zeus was able to get there fast enough to save him, with the help of Rhea. After that incident, Zeus gave Bacchus to the mountain nymphs to be raised and
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