Baccio Bandinelli: The Rotten Tomato Of The Renaissance

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Bartolommeo who was actually Bartolommeo Brandini or better known as “Baccio Bandinelli” was born in Florence and had a fairly regular childhood compared to some of the most famous artists in the Renaissance like the great Leonardo DA’ Vinci or the amazing sculptor Michelangelo. While Baccio was growing up he was also a fairly unpleasant character according to most of the people who knew him, he was even referred to as the “Rotten Tomato Of The Renaissance.”
As a young boy, Baccio was taken under his father's wing so he could become a master at Goldsmithing. For a while Baccio thought this was his true calling, but then Baccio discovered what the arts were and quickly fell in love with them. After a small search for the right person to help
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People are not sure why Baccios mom did not stay and help raise the child, some say that she died while giving birth to young Baccio, which was common in those times. Others think differently though, a few people believe that she gave birth to young Baccio and then left him with his father and his grandparents. But whatever the case may be all that matters is that his mom did not help raise him. Baccio did not have any siblings as a young child so he became friends with other kids around his town. Baccios family was not a very magnificent family, his father was only a smither and his grandparents didn’t work anymore because of their old…show more content…
One of the main people who influenced Bartolommeo was Giovanni Francesco, Giovanni was a very good friend of Leonardo DA’ Vinci so naturally he and Leonardo had similar thoughts on many people that they met. One of those thoughts was that they both hated the talented young sculptor of the time; Michelangelo. Many people who have studied Baccio and his life have realized that in his notebooks he writes about how he loathes Michelangelo and everything about him, but there also seems to be a hint of jealousy in his writing. Bandinelli was taught how to hate the amazing sculptor with a burning passion, but somewhere along the line it looked like Baccio stopped hating the sculptor and started obsessing about him and his work. After awhile of people dismissing and ignoring Bandinelli’s small wax sculptures, he finally had enough of it and started to put less time on his small structures and began to try and build gargantuan sculptures so that people would actually look twice at his work and realize that he was a very talented artist. Baccio specialized in making these huge sculptures for powerful families like the Medicis or the duke of Tuscany’s family. One of Bandinelli’s best works of art was Hercules and Cacus, which was supposed to be created by Michelangelo, but he was busy working on the medici chapel so Baccio got to do
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