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The original Bachata is listened throughout Latin America and probably the most listened Latin music genre in New York as it fused to other genres like the R&B of Aventura (famous Bachata group formed in Bronx, NY) as matter of fact the most popular Bachata song is Obsession played by the famous Dominican group based in New York, Aventura, others artists are Luis Vargas, Raulin Rodriguez, Frank Reyes, Xtreme and many more. Nowadays Bachata is officially musically recognized music genre not only among the Latino community but worldwide thanks to artists like Prince Royce and Romeo Santos (main singer of the group Aventura) creating a massive movement worldwide. As we move down to the South America, one may come across one of the most influential…show more content…
At that time, Tango songs were made of violin, flute, guitar or tangos played in a brothel and cabarets. The first great Tango hit was written by Angel Villoldo in 1905, a singer with his guitar. The name of the hit song “El Choclo”was recognized by people as a pure Tango song. He is the most influential Tango artist that introduced Samba. As matter of fact because of the massive European immigration, it brought a wave of Italians to Buenos Aires, most of them coming from Naples, evolving the Tango into a more lyrical version (Denniston) Besides the music, a driving force for Tango was the dance and at that time the dance introduced the Tango to the world. Due to the fact that the Argentine young men were being sent to study in Europe, they brought Tango to Europe. Because these young men from rich Argentine families were spending their time into brothels listening and dancing to Tango, eventually it became more common among this class to listen to Tango. Therefore, countries like France, fell in love with the dance now called “Tangomania”.…show more content…
After the creation of “La Cumparsita”, Astor Piazzolla became the following Tango superstar. Piazzolla had a vision of tango "for the ear rather than the feet". He created numerous operas, concertos, theater and film scores. Hee paved the way for a new age of tango to begin. (History) Nowadays Tango Argentino is recognized as a South American music genre officially, danced in many theaters and having supporters worldwide. In conclusion, all these Latino music genres play a key role into the Latino Community as matter of fact they all reunite poverty and the lower classes in Latin America. All the poor people in Latin America listen to this genre so that they can carry on with their every day lives while having this genre as their reference to go to when they need help with their problems or issues. Moreover, the Latinos that immigrated to United States, Europe and to the rest of the world brought spread the Latino music internationally. Making this genre a base for the up keep of the Latino Cultures. The main sub genres of Latino Music do play an amazing part in expanding the Latino community. Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Samba and Tango originating from different regions of Latin America but contributing to the one and only Latino Community on a global level. These sub genres have been divided because of different customs and origins but in the end come together. Unifying an ethnicity:

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