Samba Essay

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Nowadays Bachata is officially musically recognized music genre not only among the Latino community but worldwide thanks to artists like Prince Royce and Romeo Santos (main singer of the group Aventura) creating a massive movement worldwide. As we move down to the South America, one may come across one of the most influential and beautiful countries of Latin America; Brazil. Brazil is situated in South America and is the homeland to Samba. Another genre of latin music popular worldwide is certainly Samba. Samba is the most typical music from Brazil and even though there are many types of samba, the word “Samba” derives from Angolan term “semba” which is an invitation to dance but despite the word, it could also mean “to pray” as invoking…show more content…
In 1888 the slavery in Brazil ha been abolished and many used Samba to survive, this music genre spread in Rio officially the 1889. The first real Samba star was Sinhô José Barbosa Silva born in the 1888, he wrote lyrics about the everyday life in Rio De Janeiro, in the meanwhile in Rio De Janeiro were built the first schools of Samba and then spreading in the major Brazil cities with the goal of creating a new kind of carnival groups. In South America not only was Samba a new introduced genre of music, in addition, another one was born.Tango. It was created in Argentina as a music and a dance. Tango, as music genre, despite the fact we know was born in Argentina, don’t know the real origins and how it evolved neither the names of the Tango musicians.
The earliest evidence of “Tangos” being sung on stage in Buenos Aires comes from the 19th Century. At that time, Tango songs were made of violin, flute, guitar or tangos played in a brothel and
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