Bacillus Lab Report

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The prepared slides of Bacillus sp. were placed on the microscope stage and by using 4X and then 10X objective, focus the microscope on an appropriate field containing bacteria. Centre the bacteria in the field of view, by manipulating the lateral movement knob. Continue rotate the nose piece to the 40X objectives and use fine focus to refocus. The next objectives lens is 100X. Place a small drop of immersion oil when the nose piece at the position between the 40X and 100X objective is obtained, so that the 100X objectives is rotated into the oil. The shape of bacteria were draw. Clean the immersion oil from 100X by rubbing it with the lens paper dipped into the alcohol, xylol or toluene. Ocular micrometre is the simple matter to measure the…show more content…
The microscope slide were clean thoroughly using lens tissue and the slide were labelled. Flame the inoculating loop until it becomes red hot and allows it to cool and 2-3 drops of tab water were placed on the slide and a small part of the single colony from the plate or slope of agar medium were transferred into tab water. A suspension of the culture in a tab water were make and spread it gently in an oval area. Flame the wire loop until red hot. The suspension were dried by warming gently over a Bunsen burner flame and quickly passing through the flame a few time to ‘fix’ it. It is called heat-fixed smear. It necessary to ensure that cell adhere to the slide and to minimize any post-mortem changes before…show more content…
coli sp. and Staphylococcus sp. were prepared for the Negative staining. Placed the fixed smear on the staining rack and flooding with the crystal violet for 1 minute. By using the tab water, rinse the slide. After that, by using Lugol’s Iodine, cover the whole slide for 1 minute. The washing step were repeated. Using (95% v/v) alcohol wash off the iodine solution until the washing are pale violet. Immediately rinse with tab water. Using the Safranin solution (0.5% w/v), cover the smear for 1 minute. Use tab water to rinse off the stain. By using paper towel, blot dry the smear and observed under the

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