Bacillus Subtilis Research Paper

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Bacillus subtilis is a gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria that is often found in the soil and on various plant materials (Sietske de Boer and Diderichsen 1991). B. subtilis bacteria are seen as being non-pathogenic and safe toward human consumption, however, often times the bacteria are associated with another strain of microorganisms that have the ability to infect humans who have been exposed to immunosuppressive drugs (Sietske de Boer and Diderichsen 1991). Furthermore, B. subtilis has been found in some samples of illegal narcotics, particularly heroin. This is due to the fact that bacilli release spores that then contaminate the narcotics during production. However, drug abusers and individuals who suffer from weakened immune systems make up a small percentage of the population, which is why B. subtilis is seen as a non-pathogenic bacteria. B. subtilis can be used as a biological control throughout many different commercial industries. B. subtilis has the ability to produce large amounts of antibacterial and antifungal metabolites that are utilized in the suppression of phytopathogenic microorganisms. Its ability to secrete its own proteins into the medium allows it to…show more content…
subtilis is found mainly in plant and soil rich environments, it seems interesting that our B. subtilis sample was collected from the air in the microbiology laboratory. B. subtilis does produce spores, however in order for them to be present in the surrounding air and environment, you have to be in an environment that contains a substantial amount of plants in which the laboratory is not. However, before the unknown was collected, we were preparing our Winogradsky columns. The Winogradsky columns contained mud that was collected from an area of moistened soil on campus. So there is a possibility that some B. subtilis spores were released into the air during the preparation of the column. This would account for the presence of B. subtilis bacteria in our air

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