Back Pain Benefits

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Chronic back pain has an effect on every aspect of a person 's life. It makes it difficult to work, do household chores, or even enjoy time with family. To attempt to alleviate this painful condition, many people turn to prescription pain killers, but these are dangerous and addicting. Luckily, there are some much safer alternative back pain relief options that can help. Hot and Cold Packs By alternating hot and cold packs to the affected area, the inflammation and swelling are significantly reduced. This in turn relaxes tightened back muscles, which reduces pain. If you don 't have any hot or cold packs at the time of a back injury, and you need relief fast, there are some homemade alternatives that can be used. just throw a handful of…show more content…
This helps back pain because important nutrients are carried through the blood to the site of injury, which helps to heal it. It also relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve, which is often inflamed and contributing to the pain. Aerobic exercises oxygenate the tissues in the back, and the extra oxygen helps to heal the injury too. Two aerobic exercises that are the most effective are walking and swimming. Sometimes back pain is too severe for walking though. Swimming is often preferred by chronic back pain sufferers because it relieves the pressure on the spine so effectively. Floor Exercises While aerobic exercises help, using specific floor exercises and stretches helps to strengthen core muscles and the spine. This is crucial for relieving back pain. Each individual has unique needs and varying back pain locations though. So, it is best to have back pain exercises prescribed by a spine specialist. They understand the delicate nature of back injuries more than a general physician with no special training would. If these exercises are done regularly, a person can feel less pain that if they do no exercises at all. Lack of physical movement makes muscles weak, which makes re-injury more
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