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He showed traits of unending strength as he faced many trials along the way. Facing death was also among his many trials, but he carried on anyway. He was a strong-willed man and that alone is a life lesson one can learn from. Although Fredrick Douglass portrayed many character traits, bitterness was not one of them. Douglass had many opportunities to be utterly bitter as he faced many struggles. He took all of his anger and bitterness and turned it into something beautiful. By staying calm, he was able to conquer many different trials. Fredrick Douglass never seemed to hold grudges or show traits of bitterness. Fredrick Douglass is a great example of a gentleman with a kindred spirit who still was able to accomplish many things without lashing out in anger. Finally, the most important life lesson one can learn from looking through the eyes of Fredrick Douglass is that all men were created equal. Even after being treated unfairly by another race, he still valued a person’s character. The color of one’s skin did not matter to Fredrick Douglass. Douglass had such an amazing heart and a very distinct way of thinking. No person deserves to be treated the way that he once was treated. Fredrick Douglass was beaten

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