Back To The Future Analysis

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Regarded by many to be a classic, Back to the Future is a time-travel story. The Doc, Marty McFly 's best friend, initiates the narrative by inventing the time machine. After Doc is murdered by pursuing Libyan nationalists, Marty is forced to use the time machine to escape. He ends up traveling 30 years in the past, accidently meets both his parents and interferes with the events that led up to his parents first meeting. Marty then must re-engineer his parent 's first meeting and get them to fall in love or Marty will be wiped from existence. Marty successfully gets both his parents to the school formal dance and tries to create a fake-save-the-damsel scenario for his dad to come swooping in to save his mom. However, Biff, the large and violent bully, enters the scene and it becomes a real-save-the-damsel…show more content…
The themes of this movie are, not surprisingly, centered around time and the consequences of a single choice. The plot centers around the character of Marty 's Dad, George. The story becomes a growth arc narrative of how George chooses to face his fears and conquer them. First, the movie begins by showing how George is a coward and a loser in the present time. He is dominated by his supervisor, Biff. Biff, a bully from George 's high school days, treats George like trash and demands that George do Biff 's work. Not much is different 30 years earlier when Marty goes back in time. Biff still around pushes his Dad and makes George do his homework. That changes when George finally stands up to Biff at the school dance. That decision was a watershed moment in George 's life. George becomes someone who faces his fears. The impacts of this choice are obvious. When Marty goes back to his own time, he finds his Dad is successful in business and confident in life. His Mom and Dad are madly in love. Marty’s brother and sister are now accomplished, reflecting their father’s success. In short, when George stood up to Biff, he changed not only his future but his
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