Back Yard Research Paper

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The backyard is an essential place for all homeowners. It can be a place where a gathering can be help or say a game of kickball. For example if a homeowner need space for a boat that has been winterized , the back yard is the best place to put it if one has the space. The back yard is the most secure place to store anything because people are usually home and nobody wants to get caught stealing off there property. Most backyards are unique and have there own special dimensions. My back yard is special to me. I have a lot of childhood memories playing with my brother out there. Also I have good memories of waking up to my dad saying “” Hey Derek go look at the deer in the yard””. I would go running to the back porch and seeing a Deer right…show more content…
I’ll explain that in a moment. My dad and everyone in the family would come over and go in the sauna and relax. There was an old McClellan sauna stove in there that would get the temperature to 150 degrees in a heartbeat. The sauna lasted until 1998. In the end of 98 my light the firebox one day and then forgot he light the firebox. He went off to go do something and then came back to realize there was no sauna building there anymore. About 4 years later by dad built a shed over the old concrete slab that was still there. The shed is still there and has not burned down to the ground yet. Most of my childhood my back yard had really green grass. I always remember helping my dad spred Scott grass seed in May to help the grass grow. In 2007 my dad built a 27X36 garage. That look up most of my back yard. After the construction of the garage the lawn never looked so green because of all the damage the equipment has did to the grass. It took a couple years for the lawn to start growing in good. Now I hardly go in my backyard. The only time I do is when I go into the shed to go ride my 4 wheeler. On the very back of my lawn there is a bridge that goes over a ditch and hits a tril. That trail leads to a large field that follows the Presumpscot
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