Background And Case Study: Marriott Bedding Plan

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Marriott Bedding Program

Case Background and Project Objectives:
Marriott is a very big company that runs hotels and service apartment all around the world. It has over 2,400 properties in 68 countries and territories. Marriott is trying to transform the brand from traditional hospitality provider to a hotel that provides special experience for their guests and offer unique selling points to stay ahead of their competitors in the market, by upgrading all the hotel’s bedding worldwide in 2 years with investments at around US$190 million. It involves changing new sheeted duvet covers, soft linens, down pillows and pillow-top mattresses for customers, which affects over 628,000 beds across 10 lodging brands under Marriott, which includes hotels and resorts that provides comprehensive service, as well as hotels and corporate housing in both company-operated and franchised properties which only offers limited-services to customers. Although there are lots of challenges in planning and implementation process, Marriott has successfully completed the project under budget and within timeframe in 2006.

Reasons for Success:
1. Stakeholders of the project were clearly identified, engaged and successfully managed: In this project - Marriott Lodging Program, a very professional project team has formed by a program manager from PMO to manage several certified project managers. They have clearly identified the key stakeholders of the project such as hotel owners and franchisees,

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