Background And Informative Influences Of Ida Scuder

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CHAPTER 2 BACKGROUND AND FORMATIVE INFLUENCES OF IDA SCUDDER Dr. Ida Scudder The Scudder family is the most renowned medical missionary family. They served for generations in India and elsewhere. In 1819 John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ceylon, Sri Lanka with his wife and child. They served for thirty-six years in Ceylon and India, and during that time thirteen more children were born. Of the nine who survived to adulthood, seven became missionaries, most of them specializing in medicine like their father. In four generations, forty-two members of the Scudder family became missionaries, contributing well over one thousand combined years of missionary service. Among those forty-two was Ida, the daughter of John Scudder’s youngest son, also named John and also a medical missionary to India. Ida Scudder, born in 1870 India, was not stranger to the trails of missionary life. She was particularly well acquainted with the pain of separation from loved ones. When she young, her family returned to America for furlough, after which her father sailed back to India alone. He was joined by his mother two years later, leaving Ida under the care of her relatives in Chicago. According to her biographer, it was a traumatic time. “The memory of that night could still bring a stabbing pain. The rain outside had been as wild as her own fourteen-year-old helpless grief. She had not even been
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